Capture Manager Playbook (eBook)


Position for and win more business by using the Shipley Capture Manager Playbook.

  • The Capture Manager Playbook provides a step-by-step approach and necessary tools for capture or opportunity managers to position for and win strategic opportunities.
  • Winning business in today’s competitive markets requires discipline and know-how. Professionals pursuing business in any market segment need to be assertive in understanding and assessing customer needs, competitor positions, and strategic solutions.
  • The Playbook identifies key milestones and decisions that are necessary to advance the sale and gain a competitive advantage. Dismissing key steps or assuming a favourable position with the customer is a formula for failure. By applying the key tasks, activities, milestone decisions, and tools found in the Playbook, you improve your probability of winning.

The Capture Manager Playbook helps you achieve five primary goals:

  1. Assess your competitive position in the market to determine your probability of winning (Pwin)
  2. Strengthen your position and readiness to provide a competitive solution to the customer
  3. Determine real discriminators of your company or solution through careful SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) associated with the opportunity
  4. Develop win themes to communicate why your solution is unique and better than competitor solutions
  5. Establish a go-forward plan for winning the business

The Capture Manager Playbook is divided into four sections:

  1. Opportunity Identification
  2. Opportunity Assessment / Qualification
  3. Opportunity / Capture Planning
  4. Supporting the Proposal

Each section discusses key bid/no-bid judgements (decision gates) that must be made by senior management before advancing to the next opportunity gate. These decision gate reviews bring discipline to the role of the capture manager. Follow this discipline and you’ll not only win more, but you’ll also be much more efficient.

Digital tools included in your Capture Manager Playbook purchase:


  • Shipley CM Toolkit Capture Workbook
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Customer Meeting Planner
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Executive Summary Organizer
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Integrated Solution Worksheet
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Opportunity Planner Template


  • Shipley CM Toolkit Black Hat Instructions
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Black Hat Planner
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Black Hat Review Form


  • Shipley CM Toolkit Blue Team Assessment Form
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Blue Team Instructions
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Blue Team Planner
  • Shipley CM Toolkit Blue Team Review Form


Purchasing an eBook:

  • Viewing your Capture Manager Playbook eBook will take place on the Kortex App. (A link to Kortex will be emailed to you after purchase.)
  • Within the app you can make personal notes, annotations or highlights on each page.
  • You can download your guide on up to 3 devices.
  • Printing or sharing this playbook is not permitted.
  • Please note: A PDF version of this playbook is not available. 
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