Proposal Writer Playbook (eBook)


Write more effective proposals to win more business by using the Shipley Proposal Writer Playbook.

The Shipley Proposal Writer Playbook contains best practices to strengthen your writing and help you produce winning proposals in any industry. The Playbook includes principles of bid and proposal writing that consistently produce compelling, customer-focused writing.

The Proposal Writer Playbook has four primary goals:

  1. Streamline the proposal development process by providing a “how to” approach for proposal writers.
  2. Improve customer focus in proposals to address customer hot buttons while remaining compliant and responsive.
  3. Provide tools to improve proposal quality and save money, time and resources.
  4. Win more – increase probability of win with strategic planning and writing during the proposal ad development phases of the business development lifecycle.

The Proposal Writer Playbook is divided into three sections:

  1. Proposal Planning (Pre-writing): As a Proposal Writer, you may feel like the first step is to start writing immediately after the proposal section is assigned. Careful planning may seem like a waste of time, but when planning tools are used, you simplify the writing process and save time. Planning is vital to ensuring you create a clear, concise and correct document, while also improving the flow and direction. This makes it easier for an evaluator to score your proposal.
  2. Proposal Writing and Development: Proposal Development picks up where the planning and pre-writing ends. This process involves the O-W-e-R in POWeR approach to proposal writing. Without proper organisation, writing can be difficult and time consuming.
  3. Proposal Revision and Submission: As a writer you need feedback. Examining your writing requires that you involve others on your team or in your organisation who can be unbiased and realistic in providing feedback. Based on the feedback, you can revise to improve readability and increase likely hood of your proposal being selected.

Digital tools included with your Proposal Manager Playbook purchase:


  • Proposal Section Planner
  • Proposal Section Organiser
  • Mockup Template
  • Proposal Development Worksheet (PDW)
  • Four-Box Organizer
  • Proposal Outline


  • Pink Team Assessment Form
  • Pink Team Review Form


  • Red Team Review Checklist
  • Red team Scoring Guidance
  • Red Team Review Form
  • Red Team Horizontal Review


  • Lessons Learned Review checklist
  • Lessons Learned Survey
  • White Hat Instruction
  • White Hat Planner


Purchasing an eBook:

  • Viewing your Proposal Writer Playbook eBook will take place on the Kortex App. (A link to Kortex will be emailed to you after purchase.)
  • Within the app you can make personal notes, annotations or highlights on each page.
  • You can download your guide on up to 3 devices.
  • Printing or sharing this playbook is not permitted.
  • Please note: A PDF version of this playbook is not available. 
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