Winning Defence Business: Capture

Shipley Asia Pacific is partnering with the Defence Teaming Centre in a new series of workshops.

Together, we support businesses building their capacity to pursue and win opportunities in defence.



Winning Defence Business: Capture

Pitching for work with the big defence prime contractors is often not easy.

Deciphering the requirements language is not always straightforward.

Knowing whom to talk to can be a mystery.

The bottom line for many competent Australian contractors is that it can be frustrating to get access to support the big defence projects.

So many small and mid-sized companies try and are not successful.

And many do not try at all.


The Winning Defence Business: Capture workshop is focused entirely on helping you with your most effective actions to win work in the defence space. And does this by concentrating on what you can and should do pre-tender – often referred to as Capture

Date / Time: To be announced

Who should attend, and how will they benefit?

The following roles and people are best to attend capture workshop:
·   Owners and founders still involved in the business.
·   Owners of the sales and revenue targets
·   Business Development (BD) team members
·   Heads of product, development, engineering, delivery

The benefits of a new level of understanding about:
·   how primes buy sub-contractor services
·   learning time-saving Capture tools and techniques
·   working better as a team, and with your primes can transform your business.
·   Become more effective at winning defence contracts with defence primes using proven techniques and tools
·   a low-risk investment of a day with the Defence teaming Centre, and Shipley Asia Pacific – who trained the defence primes in how to capture business.
·   enjoy a safe, engaging online learning experience

For more information about this workshop:
 ·   Click this link to be taken to the Defence Teaming Centre website
To register for this workshop:
 ·   Click this link to be taken to the Defence Teaming Centre Booking Page


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