Strategising to Win and POWeRful Proposal Writing Workshop Bundle (NZ)



  • Your seat at Strategising to Win – 1 day workshop
  • Shipley Accreditation Badge: Strategising to Win Certificate of Attendance
  • Your seat at POWeRful Proposal Writing – 1 day workshop
  • Shipley Accreditation Badge: POWeRful Proposal Writing Certificate of Attendance
  • Digital workbook, tools and templates for each workshop
  • Scheduled 1:1 call with your facilitator after each workshop
  • Hard copy of the Shipley Capture Guide (valued at $165)
  • Hard copy of the Shipley Proposal Guide (valued at $165)
  • ADDED BONUS: Coupon to sit the Strategy Development 1 Star Accreditation Test (valued at $200)
  • ADDED BONUS: Coupon to sit the Proposal Writing 1 Star Accreditation Test (valued at $200)
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Strategising to Win (1 Day workshop)

If you do not know why the prospect should select your solution, how are you going to convince them to buy from you?

This workshop gives participants the techniques and tools to determine their competitive position and select the right opportunities to invest in by understanding how and why they can win. Learn to use that understanding to shape and communicate an offer that is most desirable to the prospect.

Find out how to turn strategies into tactics that the team can use in planning and writing a persuasive proposal. Use these skills to provide the strategic input they need to implement the best practice learned in the Managing Strategic Proposals and POWeRful Proposal Writing workshops.

Learn how to:

  • Select the best opportunities to pursue
  • Track your real chances of bid success
  • Build customer loyalty based on in-depth understanding and clear communication
  • Take measurable steps to improve your competitive position\
  • Have a clear understanding of what you need to do to win an opportunity

Course content includes:

  • Understanding what influences evaluators’ decisions
  • Indicators of a winning proposal
  • Understanding the buyer and how to align your solution to their needs and issues
  • Document and implement capture strategy
  • Write your capture strategy
  • Review your strategy statements to:
  • Emphasise your strengths
  • Mitigate your weaknesses

Download workshop flyer here

POWeRful Proposal Writing (1 day workshop) 

Learn a proven process for developing winning proposals in any industry. This workshop teaches you high-impact skills for developing customer-focused proposals that score higher on proposal evaluations.

The online course model consists of 3 live, virtual, instructor-led lessons conducted in a single day, teaching how to plan, organise, and write a winning proposal that embeds customer focus.  Participants work on a case study during 1-hour breaks and practice applying tools and techniques.

Learn how to:

  • Recognise and apply the seven key characteristics of effective proposals
  • Plan an effective proposal or section by leveraging strategies developed by the sales or capture team
  • Gain and hold the customer’s attention by organising textual and visual content around their hot buttons and issues
  • Create proposals that sell by writing persuasive, succinct, well-organised proposal content and themes
  • Gain higher evaluation scores by using effective examining and revision processes to improve customer focus

Course content includes:

  • Focusing on customer issues, requirements, and hot buttons
  • Organizing to make evaluation and scoring easy for the customer
  • Creating key themes that convey the reasons for selecting your solution
  • Writing content that sells the message and is compelling to the customer
  • Using formal and informal feedback to enhance consistency and maintain message focus
  • Editing and evaluating content for correctness, conciseness, and customer focus

Download workshop flyer here


Additional information

Workshop Location & Date

Online: Strategising to Win, 30 August 2022 and POWeRful Proposal Writing, 20 September 2022, Online: Strategising to Win, 8 March 2022 and POWeRful Proposal Writing, 29 March 2022


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