Capture Guide v3.0


The Shipley Capture Guide has three aims:

1) help individuals position their organisations to capture competitive business opportunities more effectively, economically, and consistently;
2) guide individuals in capture planning roles to understand and adapt best practices for opportunities in any market; and
3) record capture management and planning best-practice guidelines.

In nearly 200 pages of high-level and detailed tools and advice, the Shipley Capture Guide contains key information on: Capture planning, Capture scheduling, Capture team selection and management, Colour team reviews, Costing, Decision gate reviews, Price to win, Strategy, Teaming and much more.



The Shipley Capture Guide Business Development professionals will find value in referring to these best practices, including several annotated Capture Plan templates that provide models for capture teams.

Topics include:

– Capture Planning
– Capture Scheduling
– Capture Team selection and Management
– Colour Team Reviews
– Customer Focus Capture skills and Tactics
– Decision Gate Reviews
– Engaging Proposal Support
– Pricing to Win
– Engaging Program Management


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