Proposal Writer Playbook


The Proposal Writer Playbook is here! Strengthen your writing and produce winning proposals in any industry.

The new Proposal Writer Playbook contains best practices to strengthen your writing and help you produce winning proposals in any industry. The Playbook includes principles of bid and proposal writing that consistently produce compelling, customer-focused writing. Downloadable tools are also included to support effective proposal development.

Included with the guide are these tools and templates:

  • Proposal Section Planner
  • Proposal Section Organiser
  • Mockup Template
  • Proposal Development Worksheet (PDW)
  • Four-Box Organizer
  • Proposal Outline
  • Pink Team Assessment Form
  • Pink Team Review Form
  • Red Team Review Checklist
  • Red team Scoring Guidance
  • Red Team Review Form
  • Red Team Horizontal Review
  • Lessons Learned Review checklist
  • Lessons Learned Survey
  • White Hat Instruction
  • White Hat Planner

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