Managing Strategic Proposals – OnDemand


Managing Strategic Proposals – OnDemand

This on-demand course addresses a repeatable approach for managing bids and proposals. Each module within the course is based on best practices and topics in the Shipley Proposal Guide and the Shipley Proposal Manager Playbook. Using a case study, learners will participate through presentations, exercises, and examples, while completing quizzes to confirm learning and retention.

This course applies toward core units for Shipley Certification.

Using a case study, you will learn to:

  • Establish an approach to manage all aspects of a proposal
  • Develop a compliance checklist to ensure compliance
  • Create a proposal schedule with key milestones and deliverables
  • Develop an annotated outline with author and contributor assignments
  • Prepare for and facilitate a proposal kickoff meeting to communicate strategy
  • Develop a writer’s package for contributors
  • Facilitate regular proposal reviews; daily, ad hoc, or scheduled color team reviews
  • Oversee the complete proposal development process by preparing for submission

You receive downloadable tools and templates, including a comprehensive Proposal Manager Workbook with tabs and guides to help you track progress and deadlines.

Who should participate? 

Anyone who is responsible for:

  • Bid or proposal management
  • Contributors to proposals
  • Proposal writers and subject-matter-experts
  • Sales executives who develop proposals
  • Management
  • Customer engagement

Included Materials:

As part of this course you will receive:

  • Shipley Proposal Guide
  • Shipley Proposal Manager Workbook
  • Other tools and templates


Frequently Asked Questions


About how long will the Managing Strategic Proposals OnDemand course take me to complete?

This depends on how much time you spend on the exercises and on reviewing the reference material. It’s unlikely that you will finish the course in a single sitting unless you dedicate at least 8 hours to the learning experience. Most learners spread the learning experience over a few days.

Is this course the same as the instructor-led Managing Strategic Proposals course offered as a public workshop, online (instructor-led)?

Yes. The scenario, case study, tools, and materials are the same for both on-demand and online, instructor-led.

What tools will I receive as part of the training?

You will receive downloadable copies of the Shipley Proposal Guide, a comprehensive Proposal Manager Workbook, and other tools and templates to use as ongoing reference. You are encouraged to download and save all materials.

Can I stop and start the training as I go?

Yes, the course is structured so it will resume wherever you leave off.

Do I need to submit anything to validate course completion?

Yes. You will be learning using a case study scenario. You will be required to develop portions of a Proposal Manager Workbook in an excel workbook, based on the scenario.

Is there a test required for this course?

Yes. There are short quizzes throughout the course and a final exam is required to receive a certificate of completion.

Can I mix and match course types for Shipley Certification? 

Yes, you can take courses in whatever format works best for you and your schedule as long as core courses and electives are completed and verified. You can choose OnDemand, instructor-led in-person, or instructor-led online training.

Can my team take this course as a group?

The course is purchased for a single user with a single user sign in privileges. Only one certificate of completion will be issued per user sign on. Instructor-led training (online or in-person) is best for groups or teams.

How does this course differ from the instructor led workshop?

As an in-person, 2-day, instructor-led workshop, the exercises are completed as a small team during the workshop experience. Managing Strategic Proposals OnDemand is an individual learner experience using a different case study scenario. Both courses use the same Shipley process, tools, and resources.


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