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The Shipley Proposal Manager Playbook is a step-by-step guide with key tasks, milestones, and tools to help win more business. Over 40 downloadable tools are included in the playbook–each a valuable aid to any Proposal Manager facing the challenge of managing people, process, solutions, and sales messaging.

The Playbook is divided into three sections:

  1. Proposal Planning – All the necessary tasks and milestones for leveraging sales and capture activity into the proposal win strategy. Guidance for creating schedules, outlines, compliance and response matrices and win themes are all included in this section.
  2. Proposal Development – Tasks from finalizing teaming agreements to holding daily stand-up, status meetings are included in this section of the Playbook. Also included is step-by-step guidance on incorporating visuals, finalizing the proposal management plan (PMP), reviewing draft content, coaching authors and facilitating proposal review sessions.
  3. Post-Submittal Activities – Significant attention to key activities and milestones after proposal submission is often the difference between winning and losing. This section of the Playbook gives step-by-step guidance on organizing and recording lessons learned, preparing a transition plan, conducting a white hat and celebrating a winning effort.

Downloadable tools included with the Playbook include:

  • Kick-off Meeting tools
  • Proposal schedules
  • Proposal outline and task tracking tools
  • Win strategy templates
  • Proposal section planner and organizer
  • Colour team tools and checklists
  • Visuals and production logs


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