Customer Focused Writing Workshop


Learn how to beat low prices by demonstrating higher value than your competitors


“Our win ratio ….. has risen to 70% from a significantly lower base from the previous year.  The training and consulting work Shipley has done will be the foundation for further dramatic change”

General Manager BD, ASX 200 Company, Australia








A disciplined focus on our customers is an essential ingredient of Shipley Asia Pacific’s 88% win rate.



Enjoy the confidence of being taught by Shipley facilitators and consultants with winning track records.


Shipley Asia Pacific has been helping clients win business in our region since 2003; globally since 1972


We will work with you to develop three critical business competencies:

  • develop strategies for improving your competitive position
  • implement and track powerful strategic actions
  • communicate your strategic messages to shape customer perceptions.

Workshop Details

A one-day public workshop where you will:

  • Discover 10 things your customers are looking for in your proposals
  • Strategically align your messages with your customers’ issues
  • Plan the layout of your document for fast, easy comprehension
  • Avoid writer’s block, and draft documents in one easy step
  • Use graphics and facts to strengthen your case
  • Review with targeted intent


“Shipley’s systems have transformed the way I communicate with my clients. Contract bids are now more succinct and customer focused, increasing my conversion rates to over 75%.”

Graham Nel, Disaster Prepare Ltd, NZ



Demonstrably improve your win rates, using strategy and communication techniques continuously tested and refined since 1972.